Author Visits

Dorian is available for school visits and writer’s conferences. She has had extensive experience teaching children, teens, and adults.

School Visits

From Book Idea to Bookstore: Where do writers get their ideas? How long does it take to write a book? How many revisions does it take? Who does the cover? Who chooses a title? This presentation gives the answer to           all these questions and more.

Hands-On Workshops: This presentation works best with class-sized groups. Students will participate in various writing exercises in which they may build a character, create a setting, write a scene with dialog, and/or         plan a plot.

Poetry Workshops: This presentation examines poetic techniques and forms using examples from various contemporary poets. Students will also write their own poems.

Writing Conferences

Dorian has presented several writing workshops for the Florida SCBWI in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, and Delray. She has also given workshops at the Florida Suncoast Writers Conference and the Coral Springs Arts Festival. She has presented on every aspect of writing, including: finding high concept ideas, using poetic devices to power your prose, structuring your novel, and finding your character’s emotional arc. Her presentations are constantly evolving and can be tailored to your needs.



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